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The Cyril Wecht Web Journal tracks news, events and resources relating to Dr. Wecht and the world of forensic science, and is updated regularly.

October 2006

Smith's death accidental overdose

September 2006

Uncertain drugs played a role in death of Daniel Smith

August 2006

Dr. Wecht on CNN discussing John Karr

Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Aug. 15

March 2006

Making sense of the multimillion-dollar body snatchers

January 2006

Dr. Wecht participates on Dr. King panel at CMU

December 2005

New Yorker examines Iraqi prisoner's death

Update on Dr. Wecht's Katrina trip

October 2005

Dr. Wecht to examine victims in New Orleans

"Live & Direct" on Rita Crosby

September 2005

Many Katrina victims may never be identified

Look what we found on Google Video

Katrina: A Public Health Tragedy

August 2005

'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Aug. 15

April 2005

'The Abrams Report' for April 22

The Real CSI

More on Shiavo from the Post-Gazette

March 2005

'The Abrams Report' for March 31: Shiavo Autopsy

January 2005

DNA unlikely to help with Tsunami efforts

December 2004

Students prepare for mock crime scene

October 2004

Dr. Wecht discusses Peterson case

Court TV online chat with Dr. Wecht

Warren Commission botched investigation

July 2004

Combating terrorism with science and law

Man's death not caused by stun-gun

June 2004

Autopsy of a mouse

May 2004

Colonel's death not a suicide

Dr. Wecht to review stun-gun cases

March 2004

Wecht examines Taiwan President

Markowitz on Wecht

What makes the perfect crime?

February 2004

Dr. Wecht part of all-star lineup

"Mortal Evidence" pure Wecht, paper says

December 2003

Wecht on 'CSI'-type shows

November 2003

40 Years

Court TV examing new evidence in JFK case

August 2003

Wecht, Lee examine Peterson bodies

July 2003

Excessive force cause of death in Pittsburgh case

June 2003

Lives hang in the balance

When X-rays are ineffective

Decomposition of evidence

May 2003

Evidence suggests Peterson baby removed from womb

Some of My Most Interesting Cases

Justice for All Speakers

Forensic Science, DNA and the Law Conference

Cause of Laci's death still lingers

April 2003

Examining the evidence

January 2003

Mechanism of death key to Laci's murder

October 2002

Fragments could lead to evidence in sniper case

August 2002

Determining "time of death"

When was Danielle van Dam murdered?

May 2002

Chandra Levy's bones

April 2002

Enron exec: suicide or murder?


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